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Just For Fun

The Just for Fun band, out of Las Vegas, Nevada, was originally formed by Al Bess in 1997, in order to provide local events and venues, such as schools, senior centers, etc., with an inexpensive resource for hearing Bluegrass.  The band has performed at festivals throughout the southwest, as well as at local functions, such as birthdays, weddings and special events.  No job is too big, or too small for these dedicated and talented musicians, and they've also played at a variety of charity events.

The band is comprised of 5 members, three of whom were the founding members, Al Bess, Fred (Smitty) Smith, and Don Wadlington. Since the band's founding, Sy Neilsen and Ron Williams joined. All band members belong to the Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society, and the band is a member of the Southwest Bluegrass Association.

To Contact 

Just for Fun


Call Al at  (702) 566-9372


e-mail Smitty at

Just for Fun band is just that. They play music because they love it, and they enjoy playing it for the sheer pleasure and fun it brings them and their audiences. The band strives to present a wide variety of bluegrass music, and their repertoire includes many songs not usually performed by other bands. 

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Click on the underlined songs below to hear samples

1. Sled Ride - Instrumental

2. Georgia Rose - Vocal: Ron Williams

3. All the Good Times - Vocal: Smitty & Ron Williams  

4. Big Spike Hammer - Vocal: Ron Williams

5. Lonsome Road Blues - Vocal: Ron Williams

6. Take Up Thy Cross - Vocal: Al Bess

7. Katy Daly - Vocal: Ron Williams

8. When My Time Comes - Vocal: Ron Williams

9. I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore - Vocal: Ron Williams

10. Ain't I Been Good to You - Vocal: Smitty

11. Imitation of the Blues - Vocal: Al Bess

12. Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Vocal: Bill Looney

13. Amanda Jewel - Instrumental


To order, e-mail Smitty at

Band Member Profiles

AL BESS - Bass
Al, a founding member,
has served on the Board of Directors of the Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society since 1993 as board member, vice president and president, and he well understood the need for a way to present the uniquely American form of music to those eager to hear it. Al's Bass playing is crucial to the band's sound, and through the world of bluegrass in the southwest, he is considered one of the best musicians around.

Fred Smith (or "Smitty" as he's known throughout the southwest), another founding member, provides a musical style on mandolin that's not heard very often anymore, and it reveals his roots from the hills of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Smitty has also been on the Board of Directors of the Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society since 1993, during which time he's serviced as president and vice-president.

Don Wadlington, the third founding member, has helped many new and up coming banjo players develop their own bluegrass sound. He is always willing to help anyone who asks him about the banjo and how to play it. Don and his banjo have developed a unique and irreplaceable sound for the band that is envied by all banjor players who hear him perform. 

Living in New Jersey, he first heard bluegrass music on WWVA Wheeling West Virginia as a kid and thought someday that would be his "thing" however as New Jersey isn't a major bluegrass Mecca, he had to wait until he and his lovely wife Lois came to Riverside where he was first introduced to live bluegrass. He has been playing banjo, guitar and dobro for about 10 years and has a great time with both instruments. Influenced by Earl Scruggs , Ralph Stanley, early Kingston Trio and others, he has played with the band, Rock Springs Road and continues to play with SWBA bands Backroad Ramblers, where he sings some lead and baritone harmony.

RON WILLIAMS - Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitar
Ron William has been a member of the Just for Fun since around 2003. He is well known and remembered for his humorous songs and his own little following of groupies. Ron is also a board member of the Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society.



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